Picture Gallery of Repairs

Shower tray repair

cracked shower tray all repaired and sprayed at a fraction of the cost of a new one 

Leaking front window bar 

Front Window hinge bar was leaking causing the dampness around the front windows and onto the from shelf of the caravan, all offending rails were replaced and a new from shelf was fitted.

 Camper van conversion rectifications

Campervan conversion which was unsafe to use and missed every regulation in the book, we didn't have a big budget to rectify this one but we covered all the major faults, room sealing the fridge, gas bottles and battery, totally rewired the 12V and 230V system and ran in all the copper fittings.

Damp repairs

Major damp repairs to a not very old caravan.

 Three little windows

Here we had an insurance job where the three windows had been damaged and had to be replaced, the accident also damaged to the window rubbers and the internal blinds which were also replaced.

 Hobby 645 VIP

A Hobby 645 VIP which had a damaged lower side skirt due to be caught on a wall trying to get on site. nice little easy job for us and a very happy customer since the caravan was less than 6 months old at the time.

Complete rear end reseal

Big job this one. had to replace both rear awning rails and the rear roof rail, also had to re seal the cassette toiled door and filler flap due to water ingress penetration the rear of the caravan. there was also some discolouration on the internal wall but the customer opted to leave this as is for the time being due to the cost of the repairs.

 Need an umbrella

To enter this old caravan you needed an umbrella as the only two skylights in the caravan were badly needing resealed. customer was happy to salvage his old caravan once again.

 Major internal repairs

Another big one coming up. major water ingress, had to reseal various outside moulding to prevent any further damage. then we had to strip out all the old damaged wallboard, dry it out then replace with new boards. took a while to do this job but one that i actually enjoyed.


Replacement awning rails

Both rear awning rails had to be replaced for that dreaded water ingress, nice and simple as there was no internal damages 


lower side skirt repair

Another hobby 645 VIP with the same lover side skirt damaged because of the same as the previous one but honestly its a different caravan,m what are the chances of that happening in the same month.

  New Consumer unit

Old style 110V consumer unit replaced with a new modern 240V consumer unit

                                                  A badly sooted up fridge 


Here are some random pictures which unfortunately feel alone and don't have their own categories so we've bundled them into one just for you.