Sargeant electrical control panel 

sargeant electrical have been well known for there quality and ease of use , they took over all of nord electronica panels with great success so please have a look and see what you think for yourselves.

Swift factory visit

here we have a visit to another factory, the largest in britain. swift have had a well known brand for the past 50 years so here is a little peek at how they do things in hull

I van heating panel 

The intuitive touchscreen control panel communicates wirelessly with Whale Water,  Space Heaters and Pump Control, creating your ideal living environment with ease. It simply guides you through setting your water heating and air temperature controls, and also allows you to set automatic timers (up to 3 per day) for each unit individually.

Al-ko Mammut mover 

AMS Mammut is the only caravan mover designed to fully integrate with the AL-KO Chassis. With the power and strength to improve the manoeuvrability over uneven terrain and inclines, plus the agility to handle tight spaces AMS Mammut is the next, natural product choice for your caravan.

Fitting AMS Mammut to your caravan gives you maximum ground clearance and protects your investment against collision damage from hitting kerbs, speed bumps and potholes.

Al-ko ATC 

in action this is a very good reliable system but don't be fooled into thinking that you cannot have an accident because this product is fitted, it is merely an additional item to help prevent snaking on the road to give you that comfortable ride. very good product.


CP plus heating panel

Central control panel for Truma Combi and air-conditioning systems

Boost function for a fast supply of warm water and room heating

All functions can be programmed with a timer

Individual temperature settings for specific times

Also available from retailers as a retrofit kit Truma CP plus

IC frost control

 Stops the pump pulsating at high voltages

Stops the pump running continusouly at low voltages

Detects when the water container has run dry and turns pump off

Surge damper no longer required

Protects and prolongs the submersible pump

Helps lengthen battery life

Built-in fault diagnostics system

Service free, one-step calibration process

Easily retro-fitted

 Pitch Perfect

The “Pitch Perfect” consists of two sensors, a battery box with on/off switch and two indicator housings. One sensor indicates front to back level and one sensor indicates side to side level.

The two sensors and the battery box are mounted on the underside of the caravan floor, (all components are waterproof). One indicator is mounted under the front offside of the caravan. This is easily visible from tow car rear view mirror or when using a motor mover when adjusting side to side level on levelling ramps. One indicator is mounted on the side of, or through, the A frame cover. This is easily visible when adjusting front to back level with the jockey wheel.  

When only one of the indicator lights are lit the caravan is low on that side or end. The caravan is first levelled side to side, then front to back. When both lights are lit the caravan is level in that axis.

LCD Alde Heating

this is the old style alde heating panel which has been taken over by a touch screen version, this particular model was to say the least quite awkward to use although the alde heating system was very good reliable system, this part can be quite easily modified to convert to a touch panel.

 Touch Screen Alde Heating

the most up to date version or the alde heating, although the boiler itself hasn't changed alde came up with a much simpler control panel for the compact 3010 this can be easily retro fitted to change the old LCD display.

Bailey Alu tech 

a little sneak peak as to how your pride and joy is constructed, slightly different materials used but all in all built pretty much like any other van with the exemption of screws as these models have up to 90% less screws used therefore making leaks a thing of the past hopefully. worth a watch but not as good as the real deal of getting to go see in the flesh.